Personal Training

Your certified personal fitness trainer will design a safe and effective program especially for you.   Sessions will build progressively towards increased core strength and stability and optimal body composition.  Recommendations for augmenting the program on your own time will be provided.

For clients who have previous injuries or musculoskeletal issues such as shoulder, hip , back or knee pain, a fitness assessment is available in collaboration with a physical therapist at Affiliates in Physical Therapy.  An expert physical therapist, together with your trainer, will assess your posture, foot issues, strength, flexibility, movement patterns and previous injury history.  Subsequently, they will develop a safe and effective program to correct issues and increase strength.

Training is provided at a private and discreet facility, Affiliates in Physical Therapy (APT), conveniently located at 3000 Richmond, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77098.  The facility boasts a variety of training equipment beyond that offered in commercial fitness facilities.  Sessions may include work with traditional weight and pulley machines, the TRX Suspension System, the Power Tower, Bosu and free weights.

Training packages contain 10 one-hour sessions.

Training Hours:

Tuesday-Friday 7AM to 6PM
Saturday 6AM-1PM

Other hours and home-based training by special arrangement