Maggie McQuiggan is an expert in the field of clinical nutrition for healthy people as well as those with diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, obesity and other health challenges.  She believes people of all ages can be healthy and in phenomenal shape while enjoying good food and a balanced life. Let her help you discover your personal best body and fitness level through an individualized approach.

Maggie is a “foodie” who enjoys restaurant dining as well as cooking delicious foods at home.   She balances that love with a lifelong passion for exercise and fitness.

Food is one of the most pleasurable experiences of most people’s days.  Through mindful eating, clients are able to slow down and experience the goodness and abundance of delicious fare.  By balancing the need for food, exercise, work, relationships, sleep, intellectual and spiritual activity, one can achieve an enhanced sense of well-being and mastery.  All foods, in moderation, can fit into a healthy diet.  And there is no “best diet” for all people: in fact, needs change with age and physical condition.

Good health demands the combination of exercise and nutrition: one cannot work without the other.  Healthy living —like any important goal— takes planning and making space in one’s life.  While we cannot stop the aging process or alter our genetic heritage, we can change the onset, severity and outcomes of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease with lifestyle changes, exercise and diet.  Such healthy changes often reduce the work and cost of managing one’s health, and even reduce the need for medication with the guidance of one’s physician.  Given the uncertainties of healthcare in the U.S., such as  Medicare, Social Security, escalating insurance premiums, high cost of long term care and assisted living, and ever emerging side effects of  common medications, one’s best insurance for the future is to stay healthy and physically fit well into later years.

Maggie takes a special interest in each client’s unique goals and helps them discover a balance between eating the foods they enjoy in moderation and doing enough exercise to sustain a healthy and physically-fit body.  She offers clients assistance, recipes, menus, shopping lists, restaurant dining tips, exercise programming, advice on sporting equipment or attire and permission to be good to themselves.

Thank you for visiting this website.  Contact Maggie and let her join you on your journey for better health as you modify your relationship with food, exercise and your body.  Experience an improved appearance, increased health and stamina, and improved mood through balanced eating and joyful movement.  Be part of a generation that redefines what it means to age successfully. You can do it! In a gentle and accepting way, Maggie will support you through these exciting and satisfying changes.